COURSE IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Neurovisceral integrative model and its application in osteopathy with Pascal Grolaux DO

7 september 2021
The course will focus on the complex neuromodulation of the neurovisceral integrative model that intimately connects the brain to the heart, as enunciated more than 160 years ago by Claude Bernard and reviewed recently to detail the role of the central autonomic network described as an integrated functional unit through which the brain controls visceromotor, neuroendocrine, neuroimmune, behavioral and emotional responses that are critical for psychophysiological adaptability.
We will see how stressors (internal and external) affect the sympatho-vagal balance, modulates cognitive, behavioral, emotional, visceral and endocrino-immune processes, and disrupt the body homeostasis.
You will learn how to analyze the sympatho-vagal balance and why and how an osteopathic treatment could affect it in order to restore and maintain body homeostasis.
Day 1:
– Applied neuro anatomy and physiology of the central vagal complex
– Applied neuro anatomy and physiology of the Central Autonomic network and the Limbic system
– The autonomic anti-inflammatory pathways and introduction to cellular immunology
– Discussion and resume of the day