International Conference: Osteopathy in the Cranial Field

Conference venue De Ruwenberg
Koffie / thee, lunch & syllabus
Prof M. Moser, Raymond Perrin DO, Rafael Zegarra-Parodi DO MSc Fr, Eugenijus Kaniusas PhD, Dr Rolf Fronczek, PhD neuroloog Nl, Prof. Emiliano Bruner PhD, Kok Weng Lim DO MSc (Ost) FSCCO, Jane Stark DO, Iona Bramati DO, Gunn Gvivik DO N, Sylvain Gabriele PhD Be, Thomas Verlinden PhD/ anatomist, Prof Messlinger PhD D en Prof. Dr. Winfried Neuhuber

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22 mrt 2024 t/m 23 mrt 2024
09:00 - 17:30


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One year in advance we are happy to present you the program of our conference that we organize every other year.

This time we choose to dive into the fascinating cranial field. Osteopathy has a long history of working on the human cranium. Of course WG Sutherland but also Charlotte Weaver were important for the development of osteopathy in the cranial field. Much changed in medicine and science since the times of our osteopathic ancestors. In the age of technology and informatics many tools and devices are developed to scientifically study the osteopathic models.

In this conference we combine science with the osteopathic practice. In the morning scientist and osteopaths are giving theoretical lectures about many aspects of the human cranium. The scientist will present to some recent insights, the osteopath will link these insights with the osteopathic practice. At the end of the morning program there will be a forum discussion and there will be time for questions.

In the afternoon there will be practical demonstration workshops. The osteopath will give a theoretical introduction about a topic and then demonstrate how this can be used in the osteopathic practice. Next to this there are two theoretical presentations where a scientist gives a deepening presentation about a certain topic. This is interesting for osteopaths that want to learn more about the science behind their work.

We are convinced that this format makes the conference interesting for every osteopath. There is a limit of 300 places due to the maximum of people that can be in the workshops. Attention: first come, first served….

When you are interested in a specific workshop, be early with you subscription, so that you have more chance that you have a place in this workshop.

You will receive more information about registration for the workshops later this year.

Day 1:  March 22, 2024


  • Welcome
  • Osteopathy in the cranial field in 2024, what does science tell us? Rafael Zegarra-Parodi DO MSc Fr
  • Rhythms in the human cranium, what do we know?. prof Max Moser PhD A
  • Rhythms in the human cranium, what do we feel? E. Kaniusas PhD A
  • Piezo 2 receptors and osteopathy in the cranial field. Heike Jaeger PhD D
  • The Glymphatic system and sleep.Dr Rolf Fronczek, PhD neuroloog Nl
  • Lymphatics in the cranial field. Raymond Perrin DO GB
  • Forum discussion


Theoretical deepening:

  • Morfology as a mechanism. Teacher from the Richtmeier institute
  • Functional Craniology and Brain Evolution. Prof. Emiliano Bruner PhD

Practical demonstration workshops

  • The work of Charlotte Weaver. Kok Weng Lim DO GB
  • WG Sutherland, the cranium and beyond. Jane Stark DO Can
  • Osteopathy and autism. Iona Bramati-Castellarin DO PhD
  • Morfogenetic fields and osteopathy in the cranial field. Gunn Gvivik DO N

Day 2, March 23, 2024


  • Mechanical properties of the cranial meninges. Raffael Zegarra-Parodi DO MSc Fr
  • Mechanobiology of the human cranium. Sylvain Gabriele PhD Be
  • Fascial connections in the human cranium. Thomas Verlinden PhD Nl
  • The Trigeminal nerve; the menigeovascular complex in headache and migraine. Prof Messlinger PhD D
  • The relationship between the upper cervical segments and the cranium. Prof Neuhuber PhD D
  • Cerebro spinal fluid circulation, what do we know? Iona Bramati-Castellarin DO PhD GB
  • Forum discussion


Theoretical deepening:

  • The role of mechanobiology in the development and normal function of the human cranium, the role of mechanics in Traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative disease. Sylvain Gabrielle PhD Be
  • The brain gut axis, is it top-down or bottom up? And how does this affect our work as osteopaths?” Prof W. Neuhuber PhD D

Practical demonstration workshops

  • The work of Charlotte Weaver. Kok Weng Lim DO GB
  • WG Sutherland, the cranium and beyond. Jane Stark DO Can
  • Osteopathy and autism. Iona Bramati-Castellarin DO PhD GB
  • The interesting development of the teeth. Gunn Gvivik DO N

Do your pre-registration before JULY 1st, 2023  quickly and be assured of a spot, and the discount price of €550,00 for your participation (normal price €595,00) and stay informed about the congress!