WEBINAR: Part 4 with Alain Abehsera – Experience with osteopathic treatment of COVID-19

Webinar - Online session
Alain Abehsera DO

€ 30,00



5 jan t/m 5 jan
20:00 - 22:00


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During the first wave of Covid 19, Alain Abehsera DO MD, did a webinar on his personal thoughts about Covid, its physiology, pathophysiology and theoretical osteopathic treatment. After that webinar, Alain had to treat a typical acute case of Covid19, using only the osteopathic approach he had formulated in his webinar (suboccipital inhibition). Two osteopathic sessions were needed, with a follow up of two months, leading to a full recovery of the patient, i.e., no sequels.

Later on, Alain experienced the Covid himself, going through a personal osteopathic experience of that pathology, which he would like to share with all interested colleagues.

Third, having discussed the above with other osteopaths, one of them, Jorgelina Pareno DO, from Argentina, used the simple Covid osteopathic protocol (suboccipital inhibition) mentioned above on a series of cases with sequels of Covid ( 50 percent of the population).

These three experiences will be described during the proposed Webinar, i.e.,

  • after a brief reminder of the osteopathic understanding of Covid, a description of how to treat it in the acute phase (Alain Abehsera)
  • a description of self osteopathic treatment to be used by osteopaths, their families or patients who develop the pathology (Alain Abehsera),
  • the results and discussion of the clinical study on the above osteopathic approach on Covid 19 sequels (Jorgelina Pareno)

WEBINAR: Part 4 with Alain Abehsera – Experience with osteopathic treatment of COVID-19