The Path of the Heart with Bruno Ducoux DO

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Bruno Ducoux DO offers a continuing education course of 3 days centered on Life, movement, free circulation and the heart.  From biomechanical, then functional, osteopathy becomes dynamic and cosmic by integrating a spiritual awareness. The emotional and mental dimensions adapt to the unfathomable capacities of the brain. Furthermore, following the intelligence of Nature manifested by The Life, new heart-centered perceptions are discovered in dynamic stillness. It is a path for the osteoPaths rooted in a tradition, evolutionary and subjective, using the forces that are present in the sensitive world with the heart as the center of resilience. Empathy and joy are the fruits of this approach of Health. Work on oneself and in nature serves as a fulcrum and witness to expand awareness and synchronize the therapeutic relationship.All of these materials are already present in the writings of AT Still, Arthur Hildreth, Will Sutherland, James Jealous and their successors.

At the end of the training, the osteopath should be able to:

– Integrate the principles brought by neuroscience to the osteopathic manual technique in the circulatory field

– Manually evaluate the intuitive dimension of perceptions in the whole of a patient in his environment

– Set up a palpatory diagnosis integrating an approach by the circulatory system and the heart

– Develop a therapeutic protocol in a biopsychosocial and existential approach to osteopathy

– Integrate the circulatory influences specific to each patient in order to optimize manual management.


Program and educational objectives of the workshop:

– First day: morning

  • A.T.Still and the principles of nature: Flow of life

Treatments from Still described by A.Hildreth DO

  • The discovery of the importance of the Self
  • Knowing anatomy: a new perception of anatomy of relation
  • The inductive model of perception / action: a new intuitive sensory perception
  • Osteopathy is manifested in the capacity for self-treatment and change: the key to treatment is in the interface between the patient and the therapist in an unified field
  • The presence as a fulcrum in connection with the memories of information fields: embryological, metabolic, biomagnetic, cosmic.


– First day: afternoon

  • The fifth dimension of osteopathy: from the 3 dimensions of Euclidean space, the fourth dimension is the time of the present and the dynamic stillness is an opening to new dimensions, to Timelessness
  • The fasciae as an extra cellular matrix that mobilizes water; research with J.C. Guimberteau.
  • Techniques to scan tissue and initiate a comprehensive treatment in the Flow


– Day2: morning

  • Integration of the first day; practices on oneself
  • The osteopath becomes a conscious practitioner in a interface of non-local awareness
  • The median axis of the body
  • Vibratory fulcrum and dynamic stillness in the Field


– Day2: afternoon

  • The latest contributions from neuroscience applied to osteopathy
  • Techniques for mobilizing the nervous systems; importance of the autonomic nervous system in relation to the Mind; multi-vagal practices
  • Review on emotional integration in osteopathy
  • the release of somatic emotional imprints


Day3: morning

  • Integration of the first two days; practices on oneself and nature
  • Anatomy of the circulatory system
  • The real cosmic Heart: Silence and Immobility
  • Electromagnetic circulatory treatment with the blood as a vortex and the heart as a generator of joy and happiness: the Spirit moves the body
  • Practice on “Cristal Palace”
  • Human life is eternal. A.T.Still


Day3: afternoon

  • Global practices including these new dimensions of perception
  • Emergence from inside to everywhere in timelessness
  • Questions and advice
  • Gratitude



This post graduate training will allow participants to:

– Become aware of the importance of Self in a “biocosmic choregraphy” Emily Conrad

– Revise the concepts presented in the course “Emotional Integration in Osteopathy”taught since 20 years

– Evaluate a patient by integrating the emotional, existential and environmental dimensions

-Propose a dynamic treatment from the synchronization of perceptions on different planes

– Discuss their own transformation experience



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The Path of the Heart with Bruno Ducoux DO
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2 nov 2023 t/m 4 nov 2023 09:00 - 17:00


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Maximale punten: 21 Totaal uren: 21