The fluidic model in the osteopathic field with Paolo Tozzi DO

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Paolo Tozzi DO

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1 Jun bis 3 Jun
09:00 - 12:30


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Note: The last course day, June 3rd will and at 12:30 hour.
Topics in this course!
– The Osteopathic Models: History, Principles and Method of application, emphasizing the Respiratory-Circulatory Model (explained also through recorded dynamic US clips).
– Application of the Fluidic Model in osteopathic assessment (risk/benefit ratio, central myofascial compensatory patterns, fluids flow+regional and peripheral patterns Indications, Side effects and Counterindications of the Fluidic Model
– Global application of the Fluidic Model in osteopathic treatment: correction of uncompensated myofascial patterns, balancing the diaphragms, osteopathy in the cranial field, homeostatic techniques (Miller, Millard, Galbreath, Dalrymple techs etc. etc. ).
– Evidences and hypothesis behind the efficacy and physiological effects following application of the Fluidic Model.
– Segmental/Regional application of the Fluidic Model in osteopathic treatment by approaching specific central and peripheral nervous system elements (vagus, phrenic nerves…) and autonomic plexuses (such as Fulford’s techs).
– Local application of the Fluidic Model in osteopathic treatment by approaching crucial organs for fluid dynamics (liver, spleen, lungs…) and specific articular structures (thoracic spine and ribs…).
– The integration of pumping techniques with the fluidic model Evidences and hypothesis behind the efficacy and physiological effects of pumping technique

Short Biography: Paolo Tozzi, MSc Ost, DO, PT

Master Science in Osteopathy at the Dresda University (Germany); Doctorat en Osteopathie and Posturologie at the International Association Jean Monnet, amongst the European University Foundation of Bruxelles (Belgium); Bachelor Science Honours Degree in Osteopathy, D.O., at the European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone (UK); Degree in Physiotherapy at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Rome (Italy); Master Level Reiki Diploma at the Sri Papaji Centre, Rome (Italy). Head of Academics of the ASOMI College of Sciences in Malta; Honorary Tutor in College of Human and Health Sciences for the Swansea University; former Treasurer of the Osteopathic European Academic Network (Os.E.A.N.); former Viceprincipal of the School of Osteopathy CROMON of Rome; former Vicepresident of the Italian Association of Posturologists (A.I.R.O.P.). Member of the Fascia Science and Clinical Applications Advisory Board of the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies; Reviewer for Handspring Publishing (UK); Former reviewer for the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine. Lecturer of biomechanics and manual therapy in different universities in Rome; Lecturer of various post-graduate courses on osteopathic subjects in Italy, Europe and overseas; Speaker in various national and international congresses of osteopathic medicine and manual therapy (including the International Fascia Research Congress); Author of various articles on fascia and fascia research; Expert on Osteopathy applied to domestic and exotic animals.