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New course: Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) with Thorsten Fischer

FDM diagnosis is based on four pillars and leads to an independent FDM diagnosis. In this context the interpretation of the patients’ body language and subjective descriptions is of major significance. With precise observation intuitive gestures can be decoded thus providing direct clues about the presence of the 6 fascial distortions. Case history and examination […]


New Course: New frontieres in organ therapy: Diagnosis and treatment of states of organ activity with Peter Levin

Date: May 26 – May 28, 2022 Treating states of organ activity The role of organ character and physiologic activity in Osteopathy The seminar will face the new challenges in Visceral Osteopathy. Activity, not function, is at the heart of an osteopathic approach to organs. Organ physiology describes different tissues in states of activity; Osteopathy […]