One week to go! Meet the speaker! – Thomas Verlinden PhD

5 Mai 2022

Thomas Verlinden PhD

I am Thomas Verlinden, anatomist at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. I teach anatomy, embryology and histology to both under- and post-gra- duate (bio)medical students. My main area of interest is the surgical ana- tomy of the abdomen. Maastricht University is known for its Problem-Based learning system. We have the philosophy that students need to develop an intrinsic motivation at the heart of their learning process. Besides teaching, I participate in the research group of our laboratory. My investigations focus on the anatomy of the sympathetic limb of the perip- heral autonomic nervous system.

Thomas Verlinden PhD at the International Congress

The human phrenic nerve serves as a morphological conduit for autonomic neurons

Throughout the body, catecholaminergic neurons are present in many spinal and cranial nerves and ganglia. During my talk this congress, I will explain the examples of how catecholaminergic neu- rons are imbedded in the vagus and phrenic nerves respectively. The entwined anatomy of nerves reflects their embryological development in which nerves themselves form the scaffolding for the outgrow of neurons. Today, I will suggest to consider the peripheral nervous system as a connection matrix. In this concept, neurons are not always ascribed to specific nerves.