Jacob Liebermann MA, DO, will be back with the course –> Osteopathy and Vocal Problems

Published on 25 August 2022
Jacob Liebermann MA, DO, will be back with the course –> Osteopathy and Vocal Problems

The course curriculum includes introduction to:

    1. The rationale behind Osteopathic manual therapy.
    2. Vocal folds examination what professional singers need
    3. Bed-side diagnosis things to listen to in the absence of camera

The subjects which are covered include detailed review of the functional anatomy of the Larynx and breathing apparatus (not as a landmarks), referral criteria to Otolaryngologist, points in history taking and more.

The course demonstrates how “touch” therapy can be used for: examination, diagnosis, treatment and an additional tool to gather insights and understanding of the patient’s emotional states of mind

The course is based on frontal lectures and good deal of practice of Laryngeal examination and introduction to techniques.

  1. The course combines theory, years of clinical experience in practice, and lots of hands on,

The aim being the development of sensitive palpatory skills so that examination and treatment become “tissue specific” to the level of the individual muscle or joint.

The final aim: for participants to have a good knowledge and understanding of the laryngeal mechanisms, and to be able to physically examine the larynx.

Once palpatory skills are at a satisfactory level, specific techniques become much more efficient, tissue specific, SAFE and most important, can be tolerated by the voice patient.

  1. Didactic: laptop, audio amplifying room big enough for participants to move around for the practice part, sitting and/or lying (on plinths or on yoga mats on the floor, for breathing practice).
  2. The subjects covered in details:

4.1       Posture related voice problems,

4.2       TMJ complex,

4.3       Supra-Hyoid mechanism

4.4       Floor of mouth,

4.5       Base of tongue,

4.6       Middle constrictor,

4.7       The hyoid bone,

4.8       Inferior constrictors,

4.9       Thyro-hyoid mechanism,

4.10     Crico-thyroid muscles and joint,

4.11     Inferior straps

4.12     Breathing mechanism.

If time is allowed, dependent on participants’ experience, basic procedures will be practiced: pubophonia, Globus, diaphragmatic breathing.

Osteopathy and vocal problems


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