The Lymphatics: A professional course for osteopaths met Raymond Perrin DO | 3-4 april 2020

17 December 2019
 The Lymphatics: A professional course for osteopaths (All you wanted to know about the lymphatics…but were too afraid to ask)
Day 1:     The history of lymphatic discovery
                The anatomy of the lymphatic system
                The  immune system
                The Physiology of the lymphatics
                Practical session : Surface anatomy
Day 2    Applied Pathology: lymphatic disorders
              The neurolymphatic system and disorders
              Practical Examination in the diagnosis of lymphatic disease.
    The Manual Treatment of lymphatic disorders: a review of all the main techniques used in the past and present  to help the practitioner
            understand the different methods used around the world from Vodder to Chikly.
              With Practical hands on Training on  osteopathic lymphatic treatments effleurage and petrisage and  the  thoracic and abdominal pump
              techniques including  classic osteopathic techniques taught by Still,  Sutherland, Miller and  Zinc