The Path of the Heart with Bruno Ducoux DO

25 May 2023
Bruno Ducoux DO offers a continuing education course of 3 days centered on Life, movement, free circulation and the heart. From biomechanical, then functional, osteopathy becomes dynamic and cosmic by integrating a spiritual awareness. The emotional and mental dimensions adapt to the unfathomable capacities of the brain. Furthermore, following the intelligence of Nature manifested by The Life, new heart-centered perceptions are discovered in dynamic stillness. It is a path for the osteoPaths rooted in a tradition, evolutionary and subjective, using the forces that are present in the sensitive world with the heart as the center of resilience. Empathy and joy are the fruits of this approach of Health. Work on oneself and in nature serves as a fulcrum and witness to expand awareness and synchronize the therapeutic relationship.
All of these materials are already present in the writings of AT Still, Arthur Hildreth, Will Sutherland, James Jealous and their successors.