free introduction webinar | The Feldenkrais Method | May 23, 20:00 (CET)

4 mei 2023

Realizing Movement Potential

We realize that function preceded structure
thinking preceded mind,
the verb preceded the noun,
doing was experienced before the thing done.
– Mabel Todd –

Judo master, engineer, and somatic pioneer, Moshe Feldenkais developed a methodology for recovering, improving, and optimizing coordination and skill. This profoundly effective approach is based on two premises:

  1. The human frame is built to move with ease, agility, and strength.
  2. The neuroplasticity of the motor cortex affords life-long learning.

This introductory webinar reveals how Feldenkrais developed his systemic approach to understanding optimal biomechanics and analyzing the unconscious habits that interfere with it. We will delineate how the method utilizes innate learning mechanisms to remove restrictions, decrease pain, and improve function. You will have the opportunity to experience an experiential movement lesson that puts these ideas into action.

FREE WEBINAR: Feldenkrais introduction 1