GEACCREDITEERD DOOR NRO EN GNRPO: Paediatric Osteopathic Integration

13 mei 2019

Course Description:

The course aims to analyse the impact of lack of sensory integration in the paediatric population as well as behavioural and gastrointestinal dysfunction affecting autistic children. The course aims to also give an overview of the signs and symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders as well as evidence-based in both subjects. The course will explore how osteopathy may potentially influence the well-functioning of the disrupted senses and the disrupted gut-brain axis. It will also explore evidence of therapeutic manual techniques that may be used to assess and treat Praxis dysfunctions and gastrointestinal symptoms in children. The course aims to help your understanding and improve your skills in the possible application of general osteopathic approach to sensory integration and visceral osteopathic techniques on autistic children suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms. There will be an opportunity for hands-on practical skills.

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