Ignition Processes within The Ordering Matrix met Cherionna Menzam-Sills PhD

24 oktober 2019

Ignition Processes within The Ordering Matrix

William G. Sutherland, D.O. introduced the concept of ignition as a mysterious spark within the cerebrospinal fluid. Later Randolph Stone, D.O. developed a method for working with it. In this post-graduate seminar we will explore ignition processes using an approach based on Dr. Stone’s original work and further developed by Franklyn Sills. We will orient to formative ordering fields laid down at conception within which our cells and tissues are organised, maintained and suspended. We will look at the role of the Long Tide as a vast suspensory field within which all other fields are suspended. We will use Continuum, a mindful, fluid movement and sound practice, to help us orient to our own midline. In preparation for augmenting heart ignition, we will review the embryology of heart development, particularly relating to embryological folding in the fourth week which culminates in the heart meeting an energetic heart centre and beginning to beat as an ignition occurs. We will also practice sensing and augmenting umbilical ignition, which naturally occurs just after birth when the umbilical cord stops pulsing but can be dampened due to various conditions we will discuss. Throughout the seminar we will practice resting within the vast supportive field of Long Tide

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