Inside Fascia@Sea – Meet one of our Main Speakers, Joeri Calsius DO

10 oktober 2019

The myofascial body as blueprint in trauma. What do we learn from a psychological perspective?

This presentation will focus on one of the intriguing psychosomatic intricacies known especially to osteopaths. Namely how does trauma-related tension settles itself into the body and even more interesting, how can it be released again? Although scientific literature lacks a unequivocal answer, this presentation will start with pointing at the body as a layered phenomenon understood from a myofascial as well as a psychological point of view. Subsequently, a clinical concept, based on existing theories in developmental psychology, psychodynamics and neurobiology, is offered as a tool for a more solid comprehension of emotional release as a phenomenon in myofascial bodywork. Therefore, this presentation deliberately uses a transdisciplinary approach to the topics of trauma and the myofascial body in its attempt to translate these into daily osteopathic practice.


Dr. Joeri Calsius is a clinical psychologist (PhD.) and osteopath DO. He also studied cultural philosophy (MA) and specialized in myofascial bodywork, psychodynamic and body psychotherapy. His doctoral dissertation focussed on an integrated approach for anxiety based on a psychodynamic, phenomenological and body oriented angle. For this he was rewarded with the Van Helsdingen Award offered by the Dutch Association for Psychiatry and Philosophy. As an osteopath, DO and clinical psychologist-psychotherapist, he works in a private practice in Belgium where he has a special interest for stress, psychosomatics and trauma. He also works part-time as an academic professor and teaches at several post-graduate programs in Europe. As an independent researcher he writes on different topics of integrated bodywork  from a trans-disciplinary angle. He also was vice-chairman of the Flemisch Association of Clinical Psychologists.

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