NEW COURSE! The Forgotten Techniques of William Garner Sutherland DO

18 maart 2022
Course name: The Forgotten Techniques of William Garner Sutherland DO
Speaker: Jane Stark DO
Date: 29-09-2022 till 1-10-2022
During William Garner Sutherland’s first 30 years in practice he employed a variety of direct techniques. Some were developed based upon his personal observations of patients experiencing lingering symptoms of the 1918 Influenza pandemic.  He theorized that their symptoms were caused by a tissue tension problem which he dubbed “anterior tensity”.  He reasoned that increased tension impeded fluid flow.  His mechanically-based approach— the subject of this workshop— was aimed at restoring optimal fluid flow—venous and lympathic.
This workshop brings William Garner Sutherland and his pre-cranial ideas to life. Following the presentation of a colourful biographical sketch of WGS an explanation of the physiological consequences caused by influenza and pneumonia is offered. Then, Sutherland’s observation of “anterior tensity” is explained. To remedy this abnormal tension and its far reaching effects, 30 of Sutherland’s rarely taught techniques are demonstrated and practiced. Amongst the regions of his primary focus are the thorax (spine, ribs, and diaphragm), pelvis (boney and visceral), neck (boney and visceral), lumbar (mainly muscular), and shoulder girdle (scapula and clavicle). Of great interest and importance will be how Sutherland was able to trace anterior tensity into the cranium.