Robert Schleip PhD at Fascia@Sea 2020

16 oktober 2019

Robert Schleip (*1954 in Göppingen) is a human biologist and psychologist. His area of expertise is fascia research. He graduated from the University of Heidelberg in 1980 with a degree in psychology. 1977-1983 he trained as a Certified-Advanced-Rolfer and 1984-1987 as a Feldenkrais teacher. Read more about Robert Schleip PhD:

Topic of Robert Schleip at Fascia@SEA 2020:
Manual treatment of the fascial systems. What do we know?
What is the current understanding of mechano-sensation and mechano-adaptation of fascial tissues, particularly in relation to force-magnitutes applied in manual therapy? Which tissues can already be deformed on a pure thixotropic (tissue plasticity) level? What do we know about hydration changes induced by myofascial release techniques? When do more vigorous techniques make sense, possibly via instrument-assisted manipulations? And how essential (or not) is the mindful attention of the patient during different treatment modalities?

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