Feldenkrais Webinar: An Educational Approach with Therapeutic Benefits (Free Webinar)

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During individual and group Feldenkrais sessions, there’s no stretching, strengthening, straining, or suffering. The emphasis is on quality rather than quantity, awareness rather than achievement, and potential rather than problems. Most of the time, you move far slower and much less than in everyday life, let alone in any sort of exercise, physical training, or rehabilitative regimen. 

And yet, profound changes occur. Pain decreases dramatically or vanishes altogether as do long-held muscle contractions; comfort and mobility increase; what had been difficult or impossible becomes easier and attainable. Range of movement, coordination, self-awareness, breathing, and posture get better. 

To the observer and the participants, the resulting improvements in functional ability and attitude seem unexpected, mysterious, or even magical.  How can this gentle, non-invasive approach regularly and reliably have such therapeutic benefits? 

During this introduction to the upcoming PRO-Feldenkrais International Feldenkrais Training NL, Dr. Larry Goldfarb, the program’s educational director, will lead you through a classic Feldenkrais lesson. At critical points along the way, Larry will stop to unpack what’s happening and explain how and why it works. 

We invite you to sign up for this informative, no-cost 90-minute webinar if you’re interested in learning how the Feldenkrais Method reprograms the body and mind to move in a better way. We will cover topics such as:

  • What moving slowly makes possible.
  • How limitations can create freedom. 
  • Why the beginning of an action is key to change. 
  • Using breathing to retrain the brain and body.
  • Developing improved body awareness.

There will be time for discussion and to get your questions about the upcoming teacher training program answered.


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Feldenkrais teacher and trainer, movement scientist, and multimedia author Larry Goldfarb, CFT, RSME, Ph.D., has been practicing Moshe’s method for 43 years, teaching it for 38, and training others for 28. Over the years, he has directed Feldenkrais teacher trainings and postgraduate programs on three continents and taught in universities, hospitals, dance companies, music conservatories, orchestras, and other organizations in 15 countries.



Dr. Goldfarb holds a Masters degree in Cybernetic Systems (San Jose State University, 1990), which he completed under the tutelage of Heinz von Forester, and doctorate in Kinesiology/Movement Science from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign). He studied neurolinguistic programming with Richard Bandler and John Grinder, completing the final trainers’ training they conducted together. He brings a rich background in group facilitation, movement analysis, contact improvisation and dance, and other related fields to his work.
Engaging and intellectually rigorous, Larry is simultaneously a fun, straightforward, and collegial teacher who enjoys nothing more than building confidence and fostering competence. He is known for developing the SPIFFER model and other frameworks for understanding and practicing the method. He is committed to demystifying the method and empowering others in every course he gives.
Larry worked in physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics in the greater San Francisco Bay area for many years. He currently maintains a practice in Santa Cruz, California, where he teaches group classes and provides professional supervision.

Caro van Iersel, a seasoned Feldenkrais practitioner with over 30 years of experience, began her journey with the Feldenkrais method as a physiotherapist and an avid athlete and dancer. After graduating as a practitioner in 1991, she worked with people from all walks of life, in both public and clinical settings. She taught professional seminars for physiotherapists and allied health professionals in the USA and the Netherlands and workshops for various parties, including performing artists, parents and yoga instructors.

After graduation, Caro studied Aikido to better understand Feldenkrais’ Judo background, which added a dimension both to the perception of her movement and to her understanding of the method.

Caro has continued studying with a number of Feldenkrais teachers, including Larry Goldfarb,  in the Mentor training to develop the skills to teach and guide Feldenkrais practitioners, and Chava Shelhav, in the Child’Space training to refine her skills for working with children.

In her role as a parent, Caro has witnessed her children develop through organic learning, which is a fundamental principle in the Feldenkrais Method. She has also learned that the skills you need as a mom are surprisingly transferable to other fields, such as teaching.

Since the inception of the Amsterdam Feldenkrais International Training Program in 1999, Caro has been involved as a coordinator and, from 2007, as an assistant trainer, continuity assistant, and co-director. Throughout this period, she conducted study groups and advanced courses for Feldenkrais trainees and teachers. Additionally, Caro has been on the faculty of teacher training programs in Spain, Sweden, and China. Through her experience studying and working with many different trainers in the Amsterdam Training and other programs, she has observed and adopted a wide range of approaches to teaching the Feldenkrais method.

Caro has witnessed firsthand the method’s effectiveness in working with children and with people dealing with chronic pain. Her practice in Almere, the Netherlands, serves individuals of all ages seeking to enhance their daily lives, artistic pursuits, and athletic performance.

Feldenkrais Webinar: An Educational Approach with Therapeutic Benefits (Free Webinar)
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An Educational Approach with Therapeutic Benefits
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