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Meet the speaker! Andrea Manzotti DO MsC

Effects of osteopathic treatment versus static touch on heart rate and oxygen saturation in premature babies I will talk about ICU research on premature babies and the effects of manual therapy on vital signs controlled by the vagus nerve. In particular, I will present data from 6 years of research in which we explored how […]

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One week to go! Meet the speaker! – Thomas Verlinden PhD

Thomas Verlinden PhD I am Thomas Verlinden, anatomist at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. I teach anatomy, embryology and histology to both under- and post-gra- duate (bio)medical students. My main area of interest is the surgical ana- tomy of the abdomen. Maastricht University is known for its Problem-Based learning system. We have the philosophy that students […]

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Meet the speaker!

Dr. Joeri Calsius DO, PhD Dr. Joeri Calsius is a clinical psychologist (PhD.) and osteopath DO. He also studied cultural philosophy (MA) and specialized in myofascial bodywork and body psychotherapy. His doctoral dissertation focussed on an integra- ted approach for anxiety based on a psychodynamic, phenomenological and body oriented angle. For this he was rewarded […]

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Meet the speaker! Prof. Hans-Rudolf Berthoud

Vagus and feeding behavior and metabolism I will discuss the role of the vagus nerve (particularly its subdiaphragmatic branches innervating the gut and associated organs) in the control of appetite and metabolism and as potential targets for obesity and diabetes treatments. I will highlight new insights into gut-to-brain communication made possible through genetics-based manipulation of […]

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Meet the speaker! Dr. Francesco Cerritelli DO, PhD

Meet the speaker! International Congress Vagus @ Sea Dr. Francesco Cerritelli DO, PhD Dr Francesco Cerritelli, DO, PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Chieti-Pescara, is the President of the C.O.ME. Collaboration non-profit research foundation. Cerritelli has a broad interest in osteopathic research, in the study of neurobiological mechanisms of touch, in the study of […]

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