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The Path of the Heart with Bruno Ducoux DO

Bruno Ducoux DO offers a continuing education course of 3 days centered on Life, movement, free circulation and the heart. From biomechanical, then functional, osteopathy becomes dynamic and cosmic by integrating a spiritual awareness. The emotional and mental dimensions adapt to the unfathomable capacities of the brain. Furthermore, following the intelligence of Nature manifested by […]

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Pediatric Program Denmark! New edition!

For the course in Denmark we have chosen a unique design with a combination of e-learnings and physical/practical meetings. In the e-learning sessions we will focus on the theoretical aspect, whilst the physical meeting content will be based on osteopathy in practice. For both sessions the participants will get the handouts in advance to give […]

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New course online! Oscillatory, Pendular and Vibratory techniques in Osteopathic Practice with Paolo Tozzi DO

The course explores theoretical, practical and clinical contents belonging to the osteopathic tradition and literature on how assessing and approaching the body using oscillatory, pendular and vibratory techniques. The concept of entering into a state of oscillatory resonance with the body tissues will be explored and practiced, together with the using of rhythmic impulses at […]

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free introduction webinar | The Feldenkrais Method | May 23, 20:00 (CET)

Realizing Movement Potential We realize that function preceded structure thinking preceded mind, the verb preceded the noun, doing was experienced before the thing done. – Mabel Todd – Judo master, engineer, and somatic pioneer, Moshe Feldenkais developed a methodology for recovering, improving, and optimizing coordination and skill. This profoundly effective approach is based on two […]

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