Feldenkrais Webinar: Optimal Action in Everyday Life

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Jigoro Kano championed Judo as education for improving the whole person, regardless of size, physical strength, or age. Engineer and 2nd-degree judo black belt Moshe Feldenkrais continued Kano’s mission and expanded on his insights, developing the now famous somatic method that bears his name. Combining his knowledge of mechanics with his extensive experience practicing and teaching martial arts, Feldenkrais created an explicit and accessible framework for understanding how human beings move when we move as well as we can.

During this introduction to the upcoming PRO-Feldenkrais International Feldenkrais Training NL, Dr. Larry Goldfarb presents an overview of this comprehensive approach to observing, analyzing, and enhancing human movement. You will discover the critical qualitative and quantitative dimensions that define how well-organized, potent, and healthy any action is. You’ll learn about each systemic aspect’s attributes that make valid and reliable whole-body assessment and insight possible. Finally, find out how to employ these parameters to recognize the factors that interfere with optimal action and then develop efficient, effective, and enjoyable coordination.

To be true to the method’s first-person educational approach, you will also have the chance to participate in a somatic movement lesson. During this section of the workshop, you can directly experience what it means to:

  • Connect with your center.
  • Alter unconscious habits, release long-held muscle tension, and transform how you move.
  • Revitalize physical alertness and enhance your kinesthetic sense.
  • Develop inner balance and strength.
  • Improve the ease and fullness of breathing.
  • Discover your capacity for potent action.

There will be time for discussion and answering your questions about the upcoming teacher training program.

NB: The image above shows Feldenkrais (in the back) demonstrating a Judo technique for the Judo Club of France in Paris, which he helped found before WWII.


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Feldenkrais teacher and trainer, movement scientist, and multimedia author Larry Goldfarb, CFT, RSME, Ph.D., has been practicing Moshe’s method for 43 years, teaching it for 38, and training others for 28. Over the years, he has directed Feldenkrais teacher trainings and postgraduate programs on three continents and taught in universities, hospitals, dance companies, music conservatories, orchestras, and other organizations in 15 countries.



Dr. Goldfarb holds a Masters degree in Cybernetic Systems (San Jose State University, 1990), which he completed under the tutelage of Heinz von Forester, and doctorate in Kinesiology/Movement Science from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign). He studied neurolinguistic programming with Richard Bandler and John Grinder, completing the final trainers’ training they conducted together. He brings a rich background in group facilitation, movement analysis, contact improvisation and dance, and other related fields to his work.
Engaging and intellectually rigorous, Larry is simultaneously a fun, straightforward, and collegial teacher who enjoys nothing more than building confidence and fostering competence. He is known for developing the SPIFFER model and other frameworks for understanding and practicing the method. He is committed to demystifying the method and empowering others in every course he gives.
Larry worked in physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics in the greater San Francisco Bay area for many years. He currently maintains a practice in Santa Cruz, California, where he teaches group classes and provides professional supervision.
Feldenkrais Webinar: Optimal Action in Everyday Life
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Optimal Action in Everyday Life
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