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Alain Abehsera DO, Bruno Donatini, Anja Caers, Terence Dowling DO, Prof. Dr. Winfried Neuhuber, Francesco Cerritelli, Walter McKone DO, Eva Möckel DO, Prof. Bruno Bonaz MD, Prof M. Moser, Thomas Verlinden PhD/ anatomist, John Karemaker PhD, Verena Rechberger DO MSc, Iona Bramati Castellarin DO, Tim Sparrow DO, Eugenijus Kaniusas PhD, Dr. Joeri Calsius DO en Philip van Caille DO

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13 mei 2022 t/m 14 mei 2022
08:30 - 17:30


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Internationaal Congres Vagus @ Sea 

The conference speakers are final. The day of speaking, titles presentations can still change. 

Friday May 13th 2022 

08.15- 08.45 Welcome 

08.45 -09.00  Welcome the central Vagus
Chairman Walter McKone DO

09.00-09.45 Prof.Winfried Neuhuber PhD
Central vagal anatomy: brainstem nuclei, connections and some remarks on laterality and dorso/ventral dichotomy

09.45-10.30 Prof M. Moser
symphony of life, men as a polyrhytmic system

10.30-11.00 Break

11.00-11.45 John Karemaker PhD
Measures of central vagal activity like Heart Rate Variability, what do they tell?

11.45-12.30  Francesco Cerritelli PhD
The nervous system as a predictive allostatic machine

12.30-13.30 Lunch break – the peripheral vagus 

13.30-14.00 Prof. Winfried Neuhuber PhD
The peripheral vagus and the intrinsic ganglionic plexus

14.00-14:30 Bruno Donatini MD DO
The microbiome and the vagus nerve 

14.30-15:15 Prof Hans-Rudolf Berthoud
Vagus and feeding behavior and metabolism

15.15-15.45 Break 

15.45-16.30 Joeri Calsius PhD
The vagus-system and functional somatic syndromes from an inter-subjective perspective. Why others matter!”

16.30-17.00 Thomas Verlinden PhD/anatomist
The human phrenic nerve serves as a morphological conduit for autonomic neurons

17.00-17.15 End of day one

17.30-18.30 Reception- drinks 

18.30-19.30 – The vagus nerve, the great wanderer, wander with Alain Abehsera and learn about the vagus in osteopathy


Saturday May 14th 2022 

08.15 – 08.45 Welcome 

08.45 -09.00  – Welcome; the vagus in pediatrics
Chairman Walter McKone DO

09.00- 09.30  Eva Moeckel DO
The role of the vagus and other cranial nerves in the etiology of recurrent otitis media in children

09.30-10.15  Terence Dowling MD DO
The Wisdom of the Child

10.15-10.45  Verena Rechberger DO MSc
Research in the influence of osteopathy on ANS

10.45-11.15 Break

11.15-11.45  Anja Caers DO
Sleeping problems in new borns

11.45-12.15 Iona Bramati- Castellarin PhD DO
Visceral osteopathy, autism and the vagus nerve

12.15-12.45  Andrea Manzotti DO
Effects of osteopathic treatment versus static touch on heart rate and oxygen saturation in premature babies

12.45-13.45 Lunch break – the vagus in pain controle, inflammation and other diseases

13.45 -14.30 Bruno Bonaz MD 
Vagus nerve in interoception and the influence on health and disease

14.30 -15.15 Eugenijus Kaniusas PhD
The role of the vagus nerve in pain and other problems, transcutaneous vagus stimulation

15.15 -15.45 Bruno Donatini MD DO
The vagus nerve and parkinson disease. Does early diagnosis prevents?

15.45-16.00  Break 

16.00-16.30 Tim Sparrow DO
Nerve mechanics and Osteopathy , an introduction to the concepts , hypothetical and potential application   of mechanobiology in the context of osteopathic treatment .

16.30-17.00  Philip van Caille BSc DO
 Vago immunologische reflex


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