Manual approach to the brain 1 met Jean Pierre Barral DO

Aeroparc Gilze-Rijen
Jean Pierre Barral DO

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7 okt t/m 9 okt
09:00 - 17:30


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Manual approach to the brain 1 met Jean Pierre Barral DO

The brain will always be fascinating fort he world of medicine and science. And despite all the research it will be mysterious.
The modern methods of imaging have made exceptional progress. Nowadays it is possible to explore not only structural but also functional problems by using functional MRT.
Jean-Pierre Barral has worked with the brain for more than 40 years. He treated people suffering from traumatic brain injuries, from intracerebral damage of vessels , from diseases inside the brain and from psychomototric problems. He has developed genuine techniques for these challanging siutations.
The course focuses onto two parts it will focuse on a a structural and on  a functional approach.
For the structural approach we will work with the vessels, nerves, meninges, the pressures inside different cavities and thr circulation of fluids.
For the functional approach we will work with the senses, with the capacity to smell, to hear and to see. Also we will take care of coordination, proprioreception and the inner world of emotions.