Oscillatory, Pendular and Vibratory techniques in Osteopathic Practice with Paolo Tozzi DO

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Note: The last course day, Saturday October 21 will end at 12:30 (CET)
The course explores theoretical, practical and clinical contents belonging to the osteopathic tradition and literature on how assessing and approaching the body using oscillatory, pendular and vibratory techniques. The concept of entering into a state of oscillatory resonance with the body tissues will be explored and practiced, together with the using of rhythmic impulses at various frequencies to assess and treat different body layers – ranging from bony to visceral, neural and fascial systems – either in situ either in a distant contact from the area being effectively worked on. The oscillatory model will be also explored in its application into various body positions, as well as in multiple clinical conditions and in different ages, including babies, kids and pregnants.
  • Oscillatory techniques: History, Principles and Method of application
  • Oscillatory techniques to the upper and lower limbs
  • Indications, Side effects and Counterindications of oscillatory techniques
  • Oscillatory techniques to the spine
  • Local and remote oscillatory treatment
  • Evidences and physiological effects following oscillatory techniques
  • Integration of oscillatory techniques with fascial, visceral and structural work
  • Pendular techniques principles and Indications
  • Pendular techniques applied to the limbs and spine
  • Vibratory techniques principles and indications
  • Vibratory techniques applied to the autonomics and visceral structures
  • Integrations of oscillatory and pendular techniques applied to pregnant ladies
  • Integrations of oscillatory and pendular techniques applied to babies and kids


Master Science in Osteopathy at the Dresda University (Germany); Doctorat en Osteopathie and Posturologie at the International Association Jean Monnet, amongst the European University Foundation of Bruxelles (Belgium); Bachelor Science Honours Degree in Osteopathy, D.O., at the European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone (UK); Degree in Physiotherapy at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Rome (Italy); Master Level Reiki Diploma at the Sri Papaji Centre, Rome (Italy). Head of Academics of the ASOMI College of Sciences in Malta; Honorary Tutor in College of Human and Health Sciences for the Swansea University; former Treasurer of the Osteopathic European Academic Network (Os.E.A.N.); former Viceprincipal of the School of Osteopathy CROMON of Rome; former Vicepresident of the Italian Association of Posturologists (A.I.R.O.P.). Member of the Fascia Science and Clinical Applications Advisory Board of the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies; Reviewer for Handspring Publishing (UK); Former reviewer for the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine. Lecturer of biomechanics and manual therapy in different universities in Rome; Lecturer of various post-graduate courses on osteopathic subjects in Italy, Europe and overseas; Speaker in various national and international congresses of osteopathic medicine and manual therapy (including the International Fascia Research Congress); Author of various articles on fascia and fascia research; Expert on Osteopathy applied to domestic and exotic animals.

Oscillatory, Pendular and Vibratory techniques in Osteopathic Practice with Paolo Tozzi DO
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