Osteopathic Cardiology and Acute Respiratory Syndrome met Walter Llewellyn McKone DO

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Walter McKone DO

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22 sep t/m 24 sep
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 Osteopathic Cardiology and Acute Respiratory Syndrome met Walter Llewellyn McKone DO

“It is not enough to consider the heart a pump or an organ distributing blood to all parts of the body.” A. T. Still, The Heart, The Journal of Osteopathy, May 1904.

Lesson Content

  • The Original Osteopathic Method.
  • History of Cardiology and Respiratory Medicine
  • Anatomy and Physiology: Mechanical/reductionist and non-mechanical/dynamic.
  • The role of the autonomic nervous system and skeletal morphology.
  • Pathology: Common degeneration and infection in clinical practice.
  • Case History Design. 

Clinical Examination: Practical session for the basic examination of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
This includes observation, examination, auscultation (heart sounds), blood pressure, and oxygen saturation.  

Anatomical Reasoning and Diagnosis: Developing induction and deduction as practical reasoning leading to a dynamic diagnosis.
Basic ECG interpretation. Designing Management and Treatment Programmes. 

Equipment: Stethoscope and sphygmomanometer. 

Learning Goals: Attendants will be able to assess a patient for basic cardiorespiratory illness, safety, management, and treatment. 

Walter Llewellyn McKone qualified as an osteopath in 1984. Walter spent nearly 20 years in sports medicine leading towards an investigation into the original philosophy, principles, and practice of osteopathy. The treatment of cardiorespiratory disease, degenerative and infective, was central to the original practice. www.waltermckone.com