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The concept of Myoreflex creates a 3 dimensional vector calculation of the body in action. It integrates knowledge from osteopathy, acupuncture, physics and bio-kinematics. Kinetic myofascial chains of skeletal muscles linked by connective tissue open new dimensions for successful treatment. The functional relevance of strain transmission along meridians opens a new frontier for theunderstanding of different forms of pain. For example the following:

To understand Hamstrings first GPS in the neck, second Iliopsoas, third tensor and tractus and fourth TLF. To understand the knee first iliopsoas, second tensor and tractus, third TLF, fourth semimembranosus, fifth adductors, sixth tibialis and and seventh rectus femoris.

Also orientation, attention and compensation-behavior-pattern play an important role in movement and all of them are generated in brain. The architecture of motion can be described that lines are created and processed state dependent online.

Potential lines can be calculated by following the different branches and fibers of muscles, fascia and dynamics.

Good examples are serratus ant., abdominals and adductors contralateral. Dynamics in online synchronization in between neuromuscular-fascial system, interoception of the cervical spine, the jaw muscle system and trigeminal nerve, vision and the ear are processed through nonlinear & complex regulation. Integration and synchronization of multisensory system, active perception, experience-based pre-interpretation, neuro-motor anticipation, proactive “online” activation of all senses and synchronized action.


We learn to handle a causal and successful approach for hip-pain, backpain, groin, knee, hamstrings. And we learn to calculate and “see” invisible lines.

  • Myofascial therapy and training
  • Regulation of spindles in muscles, tendons & fascia sensory system
  • Regulation of self-perception
  • Regulation of interoception circuits
  • Regulation of biomechanical stability and biokinematic functions
  • Optimal difference and distance
  • Improvement of quality of movement ROM
  • Increased performance
  • Prevention of injury
  • KiD, Muscle-fascia-lengthening training


Sport osteopathie: Myoreflex en sport | Kurt Mosetter DO
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23 jun 2023 t/m 24 jun 2023 09:00 - 17:00


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