The digestive and respiratory systems in pediatric Osteopathy met Bruno Ducoux DO MRO

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The digestive and respiratory systems in pediatric Osteopathy

3 days workshop

A healthy digestive system at birth, when it is really functional, is necessary to prevent respiratory and sensory-nervous problems later.The visceral input and information from the digestive system follow the afferent visceral fibbers through the spinal cord, the brain stem and limbic system; then informations are sent through the autonomic nervous system in a systemic way to the body in order to maintain homeostasis. These same neuropeptides are found in the respiratory system.

This 3 days workshop will explore the anatomy, embryology and osteopathic connections. The osteopath can be a fulcrum, listening and sending vibratory informations through a vibratory fulcrum, helping the self healing process and enhancing the immunology of the baby.

This three days workshop will be essentially practical.

Main steps:

  • What is life?
  • Dynamic Embryology
  • Anatomy from the endoderm
  • The polyvagal system
  • Midlines
  • The diaphragms
  • Osteopathic principles adapted in pédiatry
  • Sensoriality and the three cranial vertebrae
  • Digestive, respiratory and elimination systems
  • Consequences on the immune system


  • Practices on one self
  • Dynamic endodermal embryologic memories
  • Dural tube and midlines
  • Extra cellular matrix and 7 diaphragms
  • Practices on mesentery and digestiv fasciae
  • Thoracic cylinders
  • Pelvic diaphragms
  • Vibratory fulcrums and neutral
  • Cranial practices on the immune system


Some exercices can be done in the nature.

Recommended Reading:

AT Still by John Lewis 2012 Dry Bone Press

Ontogenic basis of human anatomy E.Blechschmidt 2004

Heart of Listening  Hugh Milne

Biotensegrity G.Scarr 2014 Handspring

Architecture of human living fascia J C Guimberteau  2015 Handspring

An osteopathic approach to children Jane Carreiro 2009 Churchill Livingstone

The digestive and respiratory systems in pediatric Osteopathy met Bruno Ducoux DO MRO
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31 mrt 2022 t/m 2 apr 2022 09:00 - 17:30


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