The osteopathic approach to the stomatognathic system, including TMJ, dental and tongue disorders with Paolo Tozzi DO

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Foundations of TMJ embriology, anatomy and physiology

The development of the stomatognatic system as a functional unit for the body mechanics, mastication, deglutition, phonation and breathing

The tongue function in sucking and swallowing, as a molding force for the oral cavity, dental positioning and orofacial balance

The dysfunctional swallowing presentation, how to detect it in kids and adults and how to assess its sistemic influence on the body

Osteopathic evaluation and treatment of the tongue, including the Garliner’s myofunctional method for tongue functional rehabilitation 


Craniometric considerations in the interactions between head position, breathing and swallowing, including the impact on the Primary Respiratory Mechanism (PRM)

Relations between cranial conformation, dental class, tongue shape and PRM 

Occlusal functional diagnosis according to the Planas method

Cranio-cervico-mandibular disorders: osteopathic evaluation, including Rocabado pain mapping 

3D testing of the TMJ mobility with corresponding osteopathic articular and capsulo-ligamentous balancing techniques 

Osteopathic evaluation and treatment of the mio-tendinous and fascial structures of the TMJ

Osteopathic evaluation and treatment of the hyoid bone, supra and infra hyoid muscles


Clicking TMJ sindromes: etiology, classification and evaluation

Timing of dental extrusion, classification of dental classes and their impact on head positioning, spinal curves and body posture

Analysis of the main orthodontic interventions from an osteopathic perspective: bioactivators, functional orthesis, palate expansors, mobile and fixed orthesis

Osteopathic intervention to assist, support and improve the response to orthodontic interventions in child, teenager and adulthood

Master Science in Osteopathy at the Dresda University (Germany); Doctorat en Osteopathie and Posturologie at the International Association Jean Monnet, amongst the European University Foundation of Bruxelles (Belgium); Bachelor Science Honours Degree in Osteopathy, D.O., at the European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone (UK); Degree in Physiotherapy at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Rome (Italy); Master Level Reiki Diploma at the Sri Papaji Centre, Rome (Italy). Head of Academics of the ASOMI College of Sciences in Malta; Honorary Tutor in College of Human and Health Sciences for the Swansea University; former Treasurer of the Osteopathic European Academic Network (Os.E.A.N.); former Viceprincipal of the School of Osteopathy CROMON of Rome; former Vicepresident of the Italian Association of Posturologists (A.I.R.O.P.). Member of the Fascia Science and Clinical Applications Advisory Board of the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies; Reviewer for Handspring Publishing (UK); Former reviewer for the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine. Lecturer of biomechanics and manual therapy in different universities in Rome; Lecturer of various post-graduate courses on osteopathic subjects in Italy, Europe and overseas; Speaker in various national and international congresses of osteopathic medicine and manual therapy (including the International Fascia Research Congress); Author of various articles on fascia and fascia research; Expert on Osteopathy applied to domestic and exotic animals.

The osteopathic approach to the stomatognathic system, including TMJ, dental and tongue disorders with Paolo Tozzi DO
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