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Dear collegue,

There is a lot of interest in the Skully Care app from osteopathy. Nice! The app is already a great success in pediatric physiotherapy and we would also like to introduce you to the app. We hear that it can be a good addition for osteopathy that’s why we are organizing this webinar together with Osteo Pro! We found guest speakers Léon van Adrichem and Sofie Meijer willing to talk about the scientific basis and the psychometric properties of the app.

After this evening you will be able to take your first steps in the world of digital measurement. In 1.5 hours we show you in an interactive way what the Skully Care app has to offer and how it works.

Guest speaker Léon van Adrichem is a plastic surgeon and expert on craniosynosthosis. He has researched and written an article on the validation of the app, comparing Skully Care with the PCM. Sofie Meijer has a master’s degree in pediatric physiotherapy and works in primary care. Her paper on the reliability of the Skully Care app is under review by an international magazine.

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Do you already have a question about Skully Care? Do not wait until May 6, but mail your question to, then we will try to include your question in the webinar.

We look forward to your participation!


Elly van der Grift and Freek Noz

Skully Care team