Neonatology and working with premature infants

Aeroparc Gilze-Rijen Coffee/tea, lunch & syllabus English

Day 1 : Touch, respiratory system, neonatal jaundice,

Lecture: The role of touch in the neonatal unit. Principles of palpation in relation to preterm infants.

Practical: Calibrating our approach, our touch, centering, stillness
Exploring the possibilities of using limited contact points in palpation

Lecture: The respiratory system: the maturation of the lungs, intubation, curosurf, first breath in the infant, chronic lung disease and types of ventilatory support and their effects

Practical: How do we approach the respiratory system in the neonate?
Relevant neonatal anatomy of the ribcage and respiratory muscles and physiology
Fulcrum for the lungs and involuntary motion of the lungs, assessment of the degree of oxygenation of the lungs.
The first breath: different approaches.

Lecture: Neonatal jaundice
Practical: The liver turn adapted for neonates

Day 2:

Lecture: The nervous system in preterm infants – intraventricular haemorrhage, ventricular dilatation and asymmetry, cysts including choroid cysts, periventricular leukomalacia, neonatal encephalopathy, cooling in the neonatal setting.

Practical: Practical aspects of osteopathic developmental care in the neonatal unit and post-discharge

Treatment considerations of the CNS in neonates and in infancy

Lecture: The autonomic nervous system in early infancy – developmental aspects and how these influence osteopathic care

Practical: Assessment of the autonomic nervous system : contact points for diagnosis and treatment

Lecture: Principles of diagnosis and treatment of the preterm infant

Practical: A structured assessment routine. The sea around us.

Sensing with the Tide.

Kok Weng Lim DO MSc Ost FSCCOConsultant in Charge (Barnet Hospital Clinic) and Lecturer

Kok Weng Lim graduated from the BSO in 1989. He subsequently obtained an MSc(Ost) jointly from the ESO and University of Greenwich. He holds a teaching certificate from City and Guilds and was taught by Eric Soto. As well as working in private practices in Norwich and London he has extensive teaching experience and is currently on the faculty of the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy (SCCO) and the European School of Osteopathy (International Department). He is also on the faculty of the Vienna School of Osteopathy (WSO). He has taught extensively on undergraduate and post- graduate courses and seminars in countries such as Russia (Moscow and St Petersburg), Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands and Greece. He has worked at the OCC since its earliest days in 1991 when it was based at the Royal Homoeopathic Hospital, now the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, on Great Ormond Street in London.

He is also an international/associate member of the Cranial Academy in the USA. He continues his post-graduate development largely in the USA, regularly attending the Continuing Studies courses run by the SCTF, the Cranial Academy conferences, study groups as well as the Biodynamics and pediatrics program that are taught by Dr James Jealous in Ashland, Oregon.

“Working alongside the inspirational osteopaths at the OCC in its early beginnings has been pivotal in shaping my osteopathic outlook and approach. It remains the best place to learn paediatric osteopathy with a hands-on approach in a clinic setting.”

Neonatology and working with premature infants
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Course dates

30 Sep 2022 until 1 Oct 2022 09:00 - 17:00


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Maximum points: 14 Total hours: 14
Maximum points: 14 Total hours: 14