Panta Rhei

Panta Rhei is an agency that organizes postgraduate courses for osteopathy and offers a varied refresher and continuing education program for the osteopath.

Guest teachers from home and abroad are invited especially for this. This way we can offer a wide and varied program.

In the past, Panta Rhei organized courses with top teachers from around the world such as Bernard Minodier, Jean Pierre Barral, Hanneke Nusselein, Pierre Mercier, Alain Abehsera, Michèle Dangreau-Mussat and many others.

Panta Rhei has been in existence since the early 2000s. The courses are aimed at osteopaths. Every year all facets of osteopathy are reflected in our course package.
Panta Rhei also organizes courses on request. Please contact us for this.

Panta Rhei’s mission is to organize interesting courses in a pleasant atmosphere. We want to connect all osteopaths and thereby contribute to a good future for our profession.

Panta Rhei is led by René & Mayk Zweedijk and Stephanie Zweedijk-Beijers & Jorick Beijers.

René Zweedijk DO

René Zweedijk graduated cum laude in 1983 as a physiotherapist at the physiotherapy school in Vlissingen. In 1984 he started training for osteopathy in Belgium and in 1989 he also graduated there cum laude. René’s interest has always been in the field of neurophysiology. His graduation thesis on physiotherapy training focused on the role of the autonomic nervous system in pain complaints. His graduation thesis for the training for osteopathy was about the neurophysiology of the digestive system.

Immediately after graduating in Vlissingen, René started teaching physiotherapy and after obtaining the osteopathy diploma he was also asked to teach basic osteopathy. The teaching themes were next to practical subjects, physiology and neurophysiology. After teaching the basic osteopathy course for 11 years, René started organizing postgraduate courses in 2000. René is a frequently asked international teacher. He often speaks at conferences and gives courses and workshops.

Although neurophysiology had and still has his great interest, René is no purist theorist. The combination of theory and practice is very important in René’s lessons. René is a general osteopath, that is, not an osteopath who focuses on a specific target area. René has a special interest in treating children, especially children with a disability, but René also worked as an osteopath in the Giro de Italia and the Tour de France for professional cycling team Vacansolei.

René’s vision is that osteopathy belongs in medicine, that is, functional medicine. This is well reflected in the content of his lessons, which are all based and aimed at the scientific foundation of the profession. The latter with this comment, that the osteopathy should remain osteopathy and that no concessions should be made there.

“Act in the spirit of Still and Sutherland, but also according to the insights arising from contemporary science”

Below you will find a number of postgraduate courses that René gives or has given:

  • Osteopathy in general pediatrics
  • Neuroendocrinoimmunology part 1: the autonomic nervous system
  • Neuroendocrinoimmunology part 2: endocrine system and immune system
  • Neuroendocrinoimmunology part 3: allostasis
  • Fluid osteopathy
  • The brain
  • New techniques for the spine
  • Osteopathy in Urology and Gynecology
  • Visceral osteopathy
  • Fascial system in osteopathy.
René Zweedijk