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Accreditation for all our January courses!

✅ All of our courses in January have accreditation! There are still places available! So start the year off right with one of these great courses! 🎉🥂   📚 Simplifying Shoulder Diagnosis and Treatment: Science to Practice 👨‍🏫 Eyal Lederman DO 📆 January 13-14, 2023 ✅ Accreditation NRO + GNRPO-BCO   📚 Fascinating Fascia 👨‍🏫 […]

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Hervorming KMO-portefieulle 2023

Dit is een bericht voor cursisten die gebruik maken van de KMO portefeuille vanuit de Vlaamse overheid voor de betalingen van hun opleiding en of cursus. Beste cursist, Per 1 januari 2023 gaat de KMO portefeuille hervormen. Dit betekent dat per 1-1-2023 cursussen en opleidingen binnen de osteopathie (mogelijk tijdelijk) niet meer in aanmerking komen […]

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Do you want a fascinating start of 2023!? We’ve got Robert Schleip PhD with Fascinating Fasia on January 27-28 @Panta Rhei!

Fascia forms a body-wide interconnected network of fibrous collagenous connective tissues. This network envelops and connects all organs, muscles, nerves and vessels. While being largely neglected in the past, the fascial web recently gained new scientific attention based on new measurement technologies. New research findings suggest that fascial tissues significantly influence muscular force transmission; they […]

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